The mother of all Fantasy films

Hold Excalibur is a major Fantasy feature film based on the original, untold legend of King Arthur. It is set in Wales, in the United Kingdom, where the story began 1500 years ago. It has influenced every tale from Lord of The Rings to Dune. We think it's time for Fantasy to come home. The film is in pre-production, we begin shooting in Spring 2025.

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Britain. The Island of the Mighty.

It is one hundred years since the fall of Rome. In the void left by imperial rule, a brutal fight for territory ensues, bringing chaos and misery to the people. Worse is to come: a new terror from the North: Saxons. There seems no respite for this precious land.

Yet amid the forests of the West, old enchantments still linger.

A prophecy tells of the Mab Darogan, the fabled king who will rise when the land is in peril. And sure enough, deep in the rainforest, a young man draws a magical sword from a stone.

But Arthur has no knowledge of prophecies, and no interest in power. With the help of the bard Myrddin, he must become the hero the people need. He will learn the way of the knight (Arwrgrefft) from the roguish Gawain, and recruit a matchless company of expert knights to free the people from oppression.

Will Arthur have the steel to crush his enemies and unite the land? Can honour and decency prevail against an enemy without conscience?

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