A Low-Risk Fast-Return Investment Opportunity.

Invest in our powerful and disruptive film & TV incubator model and the productions we make with it.

  • £45m predicted profits within 3 years

  • 25% dividends in 2 years & regular dividends

  • 50% tax relief on your investment

  • 100% Capital Gains Tax relief on your investment*

  • Loss relief equivalent to your highest rate of income tax

  • 100% Inheritance tax relief

  • IPO/ Trade Sale within 5-6 years

  • SEIS and EIS advance assured

  • VIP Visits to the set

  • Meet the cast

  • Name a character

  • Own a prop

  • Profits

    A successful feature film means rapid growth. We plan to release Hold Excalibur in Spring '26. Because of our unique risk-reduction model, it will already be in profit before release.

  • Dividends

    After we release Hold Excalibur in Spring '26, we'll release an expected 25% return by way of a dividend. Retained profit will be reinvested into our multiple productions, or Creature Farm (making FX and models) and the incubator model. This means that your investment will continue to give great returns well into the future.

  • SEIS Benefits

    The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is designed to encourage investment in new companies. Recognising that investment in a new venture might carry more risk than established companies, HMRC allows these very generous task breaks as an incentive.

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